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Ex skater and coach Gerard Kemkers

Netherlands most succesful skating coach

Gerard Kemkers, born on 8 March 1967, is an ex-skater and coach from the Netherlands. In this sport, he reached his highlight in 1988 by winning bronze in the 5000 metre race at the Olympic Games in Calgary. Most people, however, know Gerard Kemkers predominantly as a coach. After completing his Physical Education studies he left for America to take up skating again, this time next to the track as a coach. For more than 4 years, Gerard was the National and Olympic coach for the American Skating Federation.

In 1999, Gerard transferred to the Netherlands and became National Coach for the KNSB. In 2002, he started as coach for the new skating team at TVM. Together with top skaters such as Jochem Uytdehaage and Carl Verheijen he achieved much success. From 2005 onwards he managed to take new talents such as Sven Kramer, Ireen Wüst and Koen Verweij to higher levels.

In 2006, Gerard was named Coach of the Year in recognition of his outstanding achievements. What he was unaware of at that time was that he was to win another four gold medals.

The talented Sven Kramer won gold in the 5000 metres at the 2010 Olympic Games and Ireen Wüst was also able to win a gold medal in the 1500 metres. He had, however, expected one other gold medal, namely in the 10 km race. Sven was disastrously disqualified when Gerard directed him into the wrong bend. Nevertheless, Gerard again proved himself as a coach in 2014 when he and Sven and Ireen won the gold medal. When the TVM decided not to continue as a team after the Olympics, Kemkers stopped as working as skating coach.

At the moment, Gerard is Performance Manager at the Topsports Health Centre for FC Groningen. He is busy setting up a Performance Centre that is being created to lead and develop the FC Groningen junior teams. It is expected that this project will be completed in 2018. This top-sports centre will also include an associated Healthcare Centre. Long-term plans are to also make this top sports centre available to other athletes.

Gerard Kemkers as a sports speaker
As a coach, Gerard Kemkers is characterised by his passion and driven nature. This will also come across in his presentation. Gerard is an ambitious man with a strongly driven character. He can tell you all about coaching and leadership with teamwork and motivation providing integral concepts in this.

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