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Ex marathon runner Gerard Nijboer

Ensures vitality for body and soul

Gerardus Hermanus Maria (Gerard) Nijboer, born on 18 August 1955, is known by some as the marathon runner with the shoelace. In the final stages of the Amsterdam Marathon Gerard suddenly stopped. To the amazement of the public after a brief stop to tie his shoelace, he continued running to the finishing line where he clocked a Dutch time record. This record set by Gerard in 1980, stood as his record time until 2003. An impressive fact about Gerard is that he has won the Marathon of Amsterdam four times.

Others will know Gerard mostly from the Olympic Games in 1980. In Moscow, he won a silver medal. He also took part in the next two Olympic Games but missed out on medals there. After becoming European Champion in 1982, Gerard was awarded the title of Sportsman of the Year.

What many do not know about Gerard is that he worked in the Nursing profession for some time. This time stimulated him to go and work in the business world after he ended his sporting career. Gerard Nijboer now has his own business called “Running advice”. Apart from providing running advice, this business also facilitates the organisation of various running events. His suggestions and motivating articles can be read in various running magazines. Apart from this, Gerard is actively working as a coach and coordinator for track athletics for the Athletics Union.

This is why Gerard is also well known at Papendal. He is not just a sports speaker; he also conducts running clinics during the Papendal sporting weekends. In these clinics he guides athletes from start to finish and provides them with advice and tips based on personal experience. Gerard himself also does a lot of training at the Papendal Olympic Training Centre.

Gerard Nijboer as a sports speaker
Gerard knows all about persistence. To develop staying power you need to start with the basics; goal setting. Gerard explains how you can set realistic goals so you too can develop your talents further. Another prerequisite for persistence is the feeling of vitality both physically and mentally. Gerard shares his own experiences acquired as top athlete and in the Nursing Profession.

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