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Cyclist Gert Jakobs

Clarifies how you and your collegues can stay motivated

Gert Jakobs, born on 29 April 1964, is also known by his nickname of ‘Meesterknecht’ (the Foreman). The cyclist from Drenthe was given this nickname based on what he proved to his team during his five Tour de France races. For years he led the sprint for his team to help his team members such as Jean-Paul van Poppel to achieve their best sprint possible across the line. Gert Jakobs not only raced in the Tour de France but also took part in the 1984 American Olympic Games. His team which included Maarten Ducrot, Erik Breukink and Jos Alberts did not manage to make the podium but came fourth in the 100 kilometres during the team chase.

Some may know Gert from skating. In 1982 and 1983, he took part in the World Championships ice skating. This combination makes Gert Jakobs a top athlete with several talents. A considered choice made him decide to concentrate fully on cycling. His top sports career was, however, forced to an end when he was left without a team in 1994. Regardless, Gert also saw this as a new opportunity and challenge to create a successful role in the business world. His passion currently still plays an important role in his life. In his spare time he is also still actively involved in his sport. During the Papendal Bike Event, there is a personally dedicated race: the Gert Jakobs Challenge. Participants can complete this over three distances: 60, 120 or 160 kilometres. Will you rise to the challenge with him?

Gert Jakobs as a sports speaker
As ‘the Foreman’, Gert knows as no other what it is like to be a supporting colleague in an organisation. In his presentation ‘no success without a foreman’ he demonstrates that everyone in the team is important to the achievement of intended successes. But how do you keep a supporting colleague motivated when another member of the team takes the ‘winnings’? And how do you maintain balance in a team? Gert has dealt with these questions on a daily basis in his cycling career. By using examples and humour he highlights where attention should be focused in an organisation in order to keep everyone highly motivated. Gert focusses on the roles of colleagues within the team as opposed to their tasks, which tend to be emphasized.

Gert can also discuss how to deal with set-backs. How can you bounce back even stronger after a difficult period without losing your determination? Gert Jakobs motivates, inspires and connects people.

Cycling Experience
You can also choose a Cycling Experience with Gert Jakobs. This is a completely organised day consisting of a presentation followed by a cycling/mountain bike tour. Feel like a real cycle racer! This day comes complete with support vehicle, team leader and mechanic.

Booking for an inspirational speaker such as Gert Jakobs is only possible for closed groups. For information about options and charges, please contact our staff on +31(0)26-4837911 or complete the attached application form below.

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