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Coach of coaches Francesco Wessels

A real specialist in leadership

Francesco Wessels may still be an unfamiliar name to you; he is not often mentioned in the media. This is because he mostly operates behind the scenes of top sports, but Francesco has been an indispensable link in various top triumphs. He is a trainer and coach for Masterclass Coaching at the NOC*NSF and guides various (Olympic) coaches. He focusses on the personal development of Dutch National Coaches. He supports coaches in their development of leadership, group-dynamics processes and aspects of mental development. In short, he covers the effect of a coach on the success of top athletes or teams.

Francesco in particular offers these coaches reflection; the way in which they apply their leadership skills determines how well their athletes perform. In this context he specialises in mental processes and leadership styles. Francesco excludes the passing of judgment on technical matters in sport. Francesco’s knowledge about mental processes and coaching did not just come to him out of the blue. For more than 20 years he has worked for the Department of Defence. As part of his service in the air mobile Taskforce he served in various locations including the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. During this time, he increased his own power of resilience and immersed himself in the mental processes of others.

Francesco Wessels as a sports speaker
Francesco has acquired much experience in coaching over the last few years. He devotedly applies this talent to top-class sport, but will also with just as much pleasure and passion take your organisation to levels of excellence. Francesco can take Managers of Organisations to such a level that they are able to get the most out of their employees. This will lead to better business outcomes. Francesco also provides tools for self-reflection for leaders that result in better leadership. Finally, he tells you all about courage, resilience, perseverance, daring, commitment, leadership under extreme conditions, influencing personal characteristics and team spirit. Qualities about which he has learnt much by doing instead of by thinking.

Trainer within your organisation
Francesco is not only available as a sports speaker; he also enjoys acting as a trainer within your organisation. He can help you as a team analyst, shaper, trainer or influencer of behaviour. Francesco will deliver a customised approach to your organisation.

Booking for an inspirational speaker such as Francesco Wessels is only possible for closed groups. For information about options and charges, please contact our staff on +31(0)26-4837911 or complete the attached application form below.

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