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Bobsleigh Olympian Esmé Kamphuis

Goes for perfection

In the world of bobsleighing, Esmé Kamphuis is also known as the ‘flying doctor’. She got this name because of her medical background. She was the only Dutch medical officer who took part in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. As captain of the Dutch Women’s bobsleigh team she won fourth place together with Judith Vis. As a young girl, Esmé dreamt of taking part in the Olympic Games. In 2010, this dream became reality when she, together with Tine Veenstra were allowed to take part in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. She came eighth at these Games. In the summer of 2014 she announced that she would end her bob sleighing career.

For Esmé it was immediately obvious which direction she wanted to take. After the Winter Olympics in Sochi she took up her medical studies again and specialised in gynaecology. Esmé now works at the Alkmaar Medical Centre.

Esmé Kamphuis is a bubbly personality who lives according to plan. A combination of top sports and heavy studies is certainly very demanding. During her participation in the NOC*NSF research, ‘What do you win in sport’ one thing stood out for her: Tenacity. “through top sport I learnt to develop tenacity but also how to work as part of a team, how to deal with disappointments and how to react properly in stressful situations. Every one of these is important to self-development” she tells us.


Esmé Kamphuis as sports speaker
Esmé Kamphuis radiates energy and likes to get you involved in her enthusiasm and driven approach towards wanting to stand out in both sport as well as in a social career. In about 60 minutes, Esmé explains how much business life resembles top sports. Especially during the winter months, bobsleighing holds a prominent position at Hotel Papendal. As a sports speaker at your business event Esmé Kamphuis is highly recommended.

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