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General information
Price per person: € 33,00
Min. persons: 15
Duration: 1.5 hour
Ready, steady, fight!

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in history. In this tactical combat sport, the coordination of feet, eyes, hands and condition are key principles. Strength and speed are needed to hit the opponent hard and fast. Boxing is very beneficial for the physical and mental condition. Everyone can participate! Do you accept this challenge?


What will you be doing?
After a warm-up, you will learn the basic principles of boxing. Such as the applied techniques, the boxing position, the hands and footwork and the knocks. Of course you will be practising with boxing gloves on. And you will learn ways to defend yourself. Rules, tips and tricks will be shared with you along the way, continuously taking account of safety.

Boxing is all about observing, coordinating, anticipating and responding to your opponent. Discover this beautiful sport under the supervision of an experienced boxing trainer.

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