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Hockey coach Max Caldas

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Maximiliano Jorge (Max) Caldas, born on 9 March 1973, is a down to earth coach who prefers to find himself as a central part of his team. With his supportive leadership style he has and is able to achieve great successes. Max Caldas reached one of his coaching highlights during the London Olympics in 2012. The Dutch Women’s Hockey Team managed to win the gold medal at these games.

In his role of coach, winning an Olympic medal was not a foreign experience for Max. In 2008, he already won a gold medal as an assistant-bonds coach of the women’s team at the Beijing Olympic Games. After these games, Herman Kruis left the KNHB as assistant coach and the Royal Dutch Hockey Federation could think of no better candidate to replace him than Max Caldas. Caldas was able to continue the successes of 2012 and in 2014 together with the Women’s Team they became World Champions. After this highlight, he decided to take on another challenge and became Coach of the Dutch Men’s Team.

Max already showed an understanding of hockey at a very young age. He grew up in Buenos Aires and played for the Argentinian National Team from the age of 19. When he turned twenty, he moved to the Netherlands and started his career with the ‘Klein Switzerland’ Club. His dream as a star player in the Dutch team was sadly thwarted by an injury. For him, however, the choice was obvious, to pass on his passion and knowledge to young players and to guide them to and also at the top. In 2012, Max Caldas received Royal acknowledgment in the Netherlands and was Knighted in the Order of Oranje Nassau.

Max Caldas as a speaker
Max feels completely at home at Papendal. Where he previously used to train with the women’s team, he currently does this with the men’s team. He sees commonalities between top sports and consultations and really likes to share his experience in leadership, coaching and talent development. Without applying a hierarchical context, Max knows how to provide successful team leadership; uniquely and with plenty of room for further talent development. He brings team members closer together which allows collaboration and work to be done more quickly and effectively. Max Caldas exemplifies interactive sessions.

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