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Golf Masterclasses

Under the direction of PGA Professional Thomas IJland you will follow various master classes of your choice and you improve your golf techniques. During these Masterclasses we use the Trackman and video recordings if necessary. You learn how to play more functionally and consistently and you will be able to practice better and smarter.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Group: 4 to 6 people
Costs: € 75 per participant

You choose one or more of the following master classes.

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Putting and chipping

  • Material check (length, loft, lie, grip).
  • Greens read KPIs of putting (do and do not)
  • Direction and distance control
  • Check your basic chip
  • Track and landing area control
  • Practice smarter (drills before skills)


  • Bunker basics and the use of the bounce
  • Track and landing area control
  • Checking distances
  • Down-hill, up-hill, side-hill locations
  • Practice smarter (drills before skills)


  • Check your base (grip, aim, set-up)
  • Why does the ball slice or hook?
  • Shot preference (draw of fade)
  • Pre-shot routine
  • Relaxing golf (grip-pressure, preparation)

Driver, fairway, hybrids

  • Check your basic and explanation difference between iron swing and driver swing.
  • Analysis of your ball flight
  • Why does the ball slice or hook?
  • Swing pace and pre-shot routine
  • Focus and relaxation during the round
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