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Whether it concerns preparing a soup or developing a healthy meatball sandwich. Our kitchen team gets to it with passion. For the elite athlete. Because he is top priority in the Elite sports restaurant.

Chef and manager Erik te Velthuis is the man behind the restaurant’s success. He has worked @Papendal for no less than 22 years. He had worked at Hotel Papendal for 19 years, where he cooked for groups of corporate guests during large meetings and for guests in Restaurant 20 28. But for the elite athletes as well. This is where his interest for sports nutrition originates from. He learnt that sports nutrition is more than cooking pasta. Meanwhile, he knows everything about the nutritional needs of elite athletes in order to be able to train and recover optimally. After all, food is your fuel. And you have to use the right fuel.

Opening Elite sports restaurant

We opened the Arnhem hall in 2012. With the Elite sports restaurant in it. Erik at the head of the kitchen team. Since the opening of the restaurant, much has changed, many new products have been developed. The sports bread was tested. Erik developed the sports quark, protein cake, carbs cake and sports bars. Because he noticed a need for it. The need for healthy snacks, but also for good products for protein and carbohydrate recovery.

Our products always consist of natural ingredients. Pure and honest. Organic. And one motto is always key: “Food must be tasty”.

Advies Topsportrestaurant op Papendal Erik te Velthuis
Advies Topsportrestaurant op Papendal Erik te Velthuis

Infectious enthusiasm

Throughout the years, we have had hundreds, maybe even thousands of visitors @Papendal. For a tour of the sports accommodations and to listen to Erik’s approach and view in the Elite sports restaurant. And his story was received enthusiastically by everyone. Erik’s enthusiasm is infectious. His passion can be felt.

Not only visitors, but also organisations get inspired by Erik. Various organisations have asked Erik for advice on their nutrition policy. Or he was invited to give presentations or workshops. At football clubs PSV, Feyenoord and SC Heerenveen for instance. But also at the Military Rehabilitation Centre in Doorn. Nowadays there are also auxiliary branches in Papendorp (staff restaurant) & Eindhoven (elite sports). Wonderful collaborations!

Readings, workshops and advisory programmes

Are you curious about Erik’s story? Would you like to experience his passion? Are you still looking for a speaker for your event? Would you like to get some advice? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Melissa van Delft

Eventmanager Papendal