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General information
Price per person: € 24,00
Min. persons: 15
Duration: 1.5 hour
Are you in balance?

Yoga is a proven method to find balance in life. This method was developed in India more than 5,000 years ago, to take care of physical, mental and psychological health. The method is old, but suits modern life perfectly. The word yoga means unification. Between the worldly and the quiet in every person, to create balance.

Hatha yoga is a yoga method which works with the body, this is the most practised type of yoga in the West. By practising the body and focus, body and mind become calm, clear and healthy. Yoga makes you more aware of your body and the way the mind works. This awareness helps you in daily life. Eventually, yoga increases your self-consciousness and wisdom.

This type of yoga is suitable for anyone who can move.

What will you be doing?
During our clinic, we will teach you the basic techniques of various yoga poses. These exercises have effect on you mentally and physically. Mental effects are: stability, strength and confidence. The physical effects are: strong an flexible muscles and a better posture.

The relaxing yoga clinic is given by experienced yoga teachers.

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