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Ultimate Building Battle

General information
Price: On request
Duration: 2 hour
3D construction drawings

Ultimate Building Battle is a large team building with giant construction material, similar to Scrapheap Challenge (known from TV). Various teams build on a large construction in teams. Your team will get started with the aid of 3D construction drawings. Will it be the crane truck, the cannon or the bridge?

Empire State
In Empire State, two to five teams of 6 to 20 people will each build a tower and a crane truck. They will build with giant construction material. The crane truck is 5 metres long and more than 3 metres high! Different building modules will be put together with the aid of 3D construction drawings. However, the building modules must still be connected with each other, so: timely consultation, good coordination, proper distribution of tasks and efficient cooperation! Which team places the roof on top of the tower and wins the battle?

Special Forces
In Special Forces, we build a catapult in cannon shape on a truck. The catapult truck has six wheels and is more than 3 metres long! The cannons will shoot at each other’s goal with a football. Which team hits the opponent’s goal first and eventually wins the Ultimate Building Battle?

Golden Gate
In Golden Gate, two teams each build a bridge and a ‘courier car’. The bridge is 6 metres long and more than 1 metre high! 3D construction drawings are used to build two ramps and a bridge part. After the bridge and courier car have been built, the car is supposed to cross the bridge and pick up a package. Which team manages to steer the car to the other side of the bridge first and wins the Building Battle?

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