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Ultimate Brainchallenge

General information
Price per person: € 31,00
Min. persons: 15
Duration: 2 hour
Brain teasers

In the Ultimate Brain Challenge, different teams will compete in solving brain teasers. The challenge consists of a large number of beautifully designed games in which the players challenge each other. Each team consists of 8 to 12 players who play games with opponents from other teams. Large building blocks can be bought from earned coins. Which team has built the highest tower at the end of the game?

Games for Alphas, Betas and Messis.

With an enormous and varied offer in beautifully designed mental and strategic games, we even know how to challenge the most seasoned ‘beta genius’ with an apparent ease. A wide range of contemporary brain teasers such as Better Bending, IQ Puzzle and Stepped Gable Logic assure an unprecedented concentration.

For the necessary variety, there are also various skill games available so the needs of participants with good motor skills are catered for as well.

Strategic games such as Kalaha, Quixo and Corridor provide the necessary team spirit and excitement. The short term memory is put to the test with games like Bernini Mystery and the ‘From Bea to Mao’ XL Memory.

Victory in game determines height of your tower

We complete our fine offer of games and brain teasers with the constructive finale.

Which team has built the highest tower with the purchased building blocks in the end?

And which team will eventually win the Ultimate Brain Challenge?

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