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Sheep herding with Border Collies

General information
Price per person: € 57,00
Min. persons: 20
Duration: 1.5 hour
A wonderful experience!

Team building is a way to learn to function more effectively as a team, but also a way to have more fun in working together. Do you want to get an exceptionally original insight as a group into your communicative skills, your leadership styles and your style of cooperation? Or would you like to offer your contacts an exceptionally unique experience? Or would you like to have a nice and relaxing outing with your colleagues in the open air? Then choose sheep herding under good and above all professional supervision.

Among the people who give the workshop are multiple Dutch, multiple European and former world champion sheep herding Serge van der Zweep and/or his wife Ellen van der Zweep. But also other (top) handlers from the team of Van der Zweep, who have all been personally trained by Ellen and Serge and have an exceptional level.

What will you be doing?
The workshop consists of various parts: an impressive demonstration, working with sheep in many challenging ways and the big finale game.

During the workshop sheep herding with Border Collies, the participants will get to know the animals and especially the unique sport of sheep herding with Border Collies. You will see how dogs are trained from puppy to adult top dog. This is done with various dogs of various ages and levels. Themes like communication, passion, ambition, selection and perseverance will be passed in review.

The training of these exceptionally intelligent dogs for sheep herding is an excellent metaphor to examine concepts like communication, leadership and teambuilding in an exceptional context: outside with sheep instead of inside an office. The depth of the workshop will be determined by mutual consent. This makes the workshop suitable for an informative company outing or as part of a training or away day.

After the demonstration, the participants will be divided into groups. The groups will attempt in turn to herd the sheep skilfully across a track. The sheep serve as a beautiful mirror for the signs that the participants give them. Top cooperation is crucial for the success of this assignment.

A special and unique game in which all participants face a major challenge with sheep and dogs The game content is kept a secret until the last moment. One thing is for sure: it is a wonderful experience!

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