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Interactive game – Gold fever

General information
Price per person: € 31,00
Min. persons: 20
Duration: 2.5 hour
Conquer all challenges

Team building, cooperating, challenging and competitive. Those are the key words for the Gold Fever programme! You and your team will overcome the obstacles, handicaps and challenges which you will come across during the game, with of course only one goal: winning most golden medals!

What will you be doing?
Armed with modern technology (GPS receiver & smart phone* with GameApp), teams of 4 to 6 people will explore the Papendal property. While searching for places and pictures, you will receive messages, instructions and progress through modern communication technology. During the programme, teams will be facing various challenges that will put your athletic and mental resilience to the test.

Below you will find some examples of challenges:

X-Factor | Athletic
Singing talent? Dance talent? You certainly do not need this for the X-factor! Complete the track with a tennis ball between your knees and drop it in the goal upon finishing. How many tennis balls will you get in the goal?! Do you have this X-factor?!

Chuck it in | Athletic
Skill game where players have to get as many tennis balls in a bucket as possible with only one bounce!

The ball is round |Athletic
Do you succeed in passing on a tennis ball to your fellow team members, holding it between your chin and breast? Hilarious part which is always quite comical!

M and M | Athletic
Which team is fastest in moving M&M’s from one bowl to the other with a straw?

Bookworms | Mental
A thick book, a list of Roman numerals. Does your team succeed in finding the page numbers and circled letters to finally guess the word?

Pyramid of three! | Athletic
An ACT assignment for real bruisers!

Ultimate food test | Mental
Will your team pass the ultimate food test and will you say ‘yes’ without doubt to anything that is served?

Portraying | Mental
Why is your fellow team member strangely waving? Oh no, he or she is trying to make something clear to you!

Keep it high | Athletic
Will your team succeed in juggling three blown-up balloons for one minute?

Human snake | Mental
Which team succeeds in organising a conga including as many participants as possible and taking a nice picture of it?

Shoot out |Athletic
Control your nerves and laser in the bull’s-eye 5 times!

Beach boys | Athletic
Which team throws most volleyballs at each other without hitting the ground?

Crate crisis | Athletic
It is a crisis! But you must and you will reach your goal: getting from A to B as efficiently as possible! You will accept the challenge with a lack of resources. That is harder than you think! Aim for your goal with one crate less than the number of persons in your team.

Final game | Crack the code!
The safe code of the NOC*NSF is lost! Fortunately, we have the cryptical clues in our possession and we can trace the code! Open the secret envelope and crack the safe code as soon as possible! Which team cracks the code first? The sooner this happens, the bigger your reward, up to a maximum of double the points you have already earned!

Final game | Flash mob!
Wikipedia: “A flash mob is a (large) group of people that unexpectedly meet in a public place, does something unusual and separates quickly after that.”

Together with all participants, we will organise an original flash mob at the end of the game and capture it in pictures and on video.

Of course you can choose a selection from the above parts. The Gold Fever! programme offers a sufficient variety of parts which will appeal to anyone.

* Assuming that one participant per group has a fully-charged smart phone.

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