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Siberian husky running

General information
Price per person: € 70,00
Min. persons: 12
Duration: 2 hour
Discover the strength of these beautiful dogs

Everyone knows them, those wolf-like dogs with their bright-blue or deep-brown eyes and pointed ears. The husky is an independent, happy animal that prefers being on the move. @Papendal, you can drive and walk with a husky. Are you in for this exciting ride?

What will you be doing?
This special clinic consists of a short presentation on the history of the Siberian husky. How do you deal with these dogs? What do you need to create a sled? Each participant gets a husky on a leash. The participants also go for a walk with the husky on a leash.

The husky dogs are then leashed to the sleds and the participants can go for a ride. Of course the huskies may also be cuddled.

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