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Prijs per persoon: € 30,00
Min. personen: 15
Tijdsduur: 1.5 uur
Sport of precision

Wipe each other off the ‘ice’! Curling is an exciting game for anyone to play. Curling is originally a Dutch sport which has been forgotten, but has grown out to be the primary national sport in Canada.

It is a sport of precision and requires a lot of concentration. But besides that, it is also just a fun and exciting sport to play.

What will you be doing?
Our professional instructor gives a short introduction about curling. After we have explained the techniques, rules of play and the strategy of curling, you are ready to practise.

Of course, playing a real curling tournament is a must. Grab the brooms and wipe the ‘ice’ smooth to stop the curling stones in just the right place. Teamwork and communication are essential for a good result!

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