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General information
Price per person: € 17,00
Min. persons: 12
Duration: 1.5 hour
Power, power, power!

Boot camp is a class which enhances both condition and strength and all sorts of movements and attributes can be used to train the participants conditionally. Anyone can participate!


Street Workout Park
Street Workout originated in America and Australia and is booming in the Netherlands. Street Workout is training with your own body weight on basic sports equipment.

What will you be doing?
Our boot camp clinic consists of outdoor running, interval and fitness exercises @Papendal. During the clinic, you will work on your condition, strength, speed, flexibility and explosiveness.

We will start the boot camp clinic with a dynamic stretching exercise and running as a warm-up. During the training, you will be doing many exercises with your own body weight. Also with training equipment and mobile fitness equipment. The professional instructor gives short, strenuous assignments that are easy to carry out. Jumping, push ups, sit ups, knee bends, weight lifting and pulling elastics for instance.
The boot camp clinic takes place at our forested grounds; we can also use the Street Workout Park @Papendal.

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