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Olympic battle of the stars

General information
Price: On request
Duration: 2 hour
Let the games begin

Will you go for gold as well at the Olympic battle of the stars? You and your colleagues will be divided into four teams of about 12/13 people. Each team can create its own Olympic outfit to distinguish themselves and give their team its own identity to enhance the sense of belonging. Or a particular colour shirt or hat.

You will warm-up with music for 5 minutes to loosen up the muscles and get in the (relaxing) mood. This will be led by our instructors. Then the battle of the stars will start. We will play a total of 8 game elements. These elements will quickly follow each other to ensure high intensity.

Our motto for each game is: “You may participate, but you don’t have to”. If you prefer to cheer on your team member at a certain game element or think along on tactical level, that is fine as well. The teams have plenty of participants (approximately 15 participants per team) to make sure alternative options are available for the team members and the conditional burden is endurable. Cooperating is a prerequisite for all game parts and a competitive touch will be given to the games.

The team that has scored best at all parts wins the battle of the stars.

There will be an instructor in each game lane to monitor the time and keep the score. They also make sure that teams play by the rules and play sportively. The main instructor will be commentating the entire battle of the stars. He will explain the games centrally. Announce the winner of each game. Point the teams to the right lanes. And monitor the general time.

The last game of the battle of the stars is one that all teams can participate in at the same time. A nice, joint ending of the Olympic battle of the stars.



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