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Are you already familiar with BMX? No? Then this is your chance! BMX is a tough sport that has been...

Mountain biking

Op de mountainbike genieten van de natuur! Onder begeleiding van professionele mountainbike-instructeurs ontdek je de mooiste paden van de Veluwe....

Wheelchair basketball

During this clinic, you will experience one of the most exciting paralympic sports. Did you know that the Dutch wheelchair...

Siberian husky running

Everyone knows them, those wolf-like dogs with their bright-blue or deep-brown eyes and pointed ears. The husky is an independent,...

Tour Olympic Training Centre Papendal

Olympic Training Centre Papendal is an elite sports training location. With a wide range of accommodations. Something for every athlete....

Air rifle shooting

Shooting with air rifles; not an everyday thing! You can participate in a clinic of this Olympic shooting sport @Papendal....

Wheelchair basketball with an expert

Experience wheelchair basketball at the top level? A look inside this sports world under the supervision of an expert? National...

WWII Bike tour

In September 1944, the Operation Market Garden took place and ended in the Battle of Arnhem. There are several war...

Ball shooting

Around 1500, this sport was very popular in the Netherlands. Now it is back! A ‘kloot’ is an old Dutch...

Laser game

A tactical and exciting game in the forests of Papendal. Laser gaming in the forests equals excitement, challenge, fun and...

Papendal Highland Games

Different clans in the high north of Scotland have been battling for years. Once in a while, the battle is...