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Are you already familiar with BMX? No? Then this is your chance! BMX is a tough sport that has been...

Tour High Performance Centre Papendal

High Performance Centre Papendal is an Olympic elite sports training location. With a wide range of accommodations. Something for every...

Elite sports

High Performance Centre Papendal is the largest elite sports training centre in the Netherlands. Today, about 400 elite athletes use...

Sports accommodations

High Performance Centre Papendal has been transformed in ten years time. From a somewhat outdated High Performance Centre to a...

Outdoor sports accommodations

Papendal is continuously in motion. The High Performance Centre is practically unrecognisable for people who have not visited us for...

Sports at Papendal

From athletics to BMX cycling. From archery to snowboarding. Papendal is home to a wide range of sports. A large...


You can imagine that the housing requirements of a junior talent of 15 years old are different than those of...

Athletes and clubs

Papendal is a High Performance Centre. Where about 400 elite athletes train, live and study on a daily basis. With...

Physical training

Every type of sports requires a different physical training. BMX requires explosiveness, whereas handball players train their sprint and agility....

Utilise the knowledge

The enormous amount of knowledge and facilities available make Papendal unique. It would be a shame not to utilise these...

The Arnhem hall: a big step forward

Bringing Papendal to the Olympic level. That was the goal of the NOC*NSF when it started the “Revitalising Papendal” project...

The road to gold of Niek Kimmann

In 2015, Niek Kimmann surprised friends and family alike when he won the world cup BMX as a first year...